Bill Reinarts

About Us...

Welcome to our tool site. I spent the first 20 years of my 38 year career with Reinarts Stained Glass in the field repairing, restoring and installing stained glass windows, window coverings and window frames. When the need arises, I do field work yet today. Over the years I have cut many pieces of glass and went through many cutters. But I felt it was always difficult, if not impossible, to find professional quality carbide glass cutters that were reasonably priced. My goal was and is to develop quality carbide glass cutters that are priced competitively.

One of our unique design innovations is the insertion of a patent pending cotton swab to hold lubricant in our metal handled cutter. You will find that our Flow- Tip™ feature makes our pistol grip and metal handled cutters work smoother and last longer. We’ve also taken extra efforts to harden the wheel spindle on all three cutters to reduce spindle breakage.

My personal preference is the metal handled cutter. It has a heavier head and hefty feel as compared to the lighter head and lighter wood handled cutter. Both are easy to carry and not so costly when lost.

Our younger glaziers seem to prefer the pistol grip cutter with its large visual reservoir of lubricant. This cutter fits nicely in the hand and feels comfortable. Expect a long service life.

In our studio, we prefer to use kerosene as our lubricant. I’ve seen studies that conclude that it is a superior lubricant for cutting glass. Plus, it is considerably less expensive than other formulated lubricants. You should be able to purchase kerosene locally.

Of course, all of our cutters have hardened carbide wheels for smooth long lasting service. Give them a try and let us know what you think.